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Specializing in Asian cuisine.


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ginger house is CRAZY AMAZING I can't even believe how delicious the food is I'm floored! It's like which craft! I got the General Tso soy protein and oh my God! It's flat out the most amazing thing l put in my mouth! It's like the real deal! It's soy protein though. for one, I'm hate soy protein, but this is so goodthe sweetness and spiciness! Everything is very very fresh! I wasn't expecting it to be this good! For starters the crispy vegetable tofu skin wrap is pretty good too.

Everyone should give this place a try, your meat eating friends would be pleased as well.


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Always the best food, on time or early, attractively presented, and for very reasonable prices, especially considering the stellar quality of the preparation. My 83-year-old mother just said, upon trying their veggie seafood fried rice and pumpkin soup, "you can serve this to me every night". My carnivorous husband and son can't tell the difference and are very happy, my vegan son loves it, and my omnivorous daughter says it's her fave. Haven't had a dish yet that we didn't like, and the desserts are to die for. The homemade wild ginger ale is definitely a must try also.


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Ginger house is by far our favorite local restaurant. I'm vegetarian but my boyfriend and our friends are not, and our choice for takeout is unanimous every time we hang out. The vegetables are perfectly crisp-tender, the fake meat is savory and well-sauced, and everything has a clever little twist to it that elevates it above other, similarly reasonably-priced Asian restaurants in the area.

The scallion pancakes with mango chutney are my absolute favorite appetizer -- you should definitely get these along with any of their fake meat dishes!


4 reviews
i just moved to this neighborhood after being spoiled w vegan options in my last neighborhood; and was bummed out that there were so few here.. but even so am very happy with ginger house and the delicious food they offer. their kimchi udon dish is so good, and am addicted to their crispy soy protein nuggets. i have yet to be disappointed by anything else i've ordered from them so far, and am so grateful that i am in their delivery area! they have always delivered within the delivery time listed or sooner. planning to dine in w them soon.


2 reviews
We have ordered from this restaurant several times. The food and service has always been excellent. Our favorite dish is the Black Pepper Seitan with Chinese Broccoli. The last time we ordered, one was great and the other... not so great. We called and explained the situation, and it was quickly resolved. They sent not only one... but the entire order within 20 minutes. These are the kind of business owners, that truly value their customers. We highly recommend the Ginger House.

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Top Reviewer
The food is 5 stars - as usual. The new delivery guy is a bit of a trouble, though. Third time in a row (in 3 weeks) he can not buzz himself in - first he is calling the cell phone and trying to convince us to go downstairs - which is oppose to what we wanted initially by ordering the delivery, then he buzzing to random apartments and this is annoying to our neighbors.
Guys, I don't want to be negative or anything like that, I appreciate the food and the delivery guys - and I'm always generous on tips and I am forgiving (when the guys is new etc.), but I believe that the buzzer usage skill is essential and 3 times is enough to get how the thing is working.


3 reviews
Honestly this place is a miracle. The food is SO good, and finding vegetarian/vegan food that isn't bland or gross can be dicey sometimes. The pad thai and Malaysian curry are good but the tofu nuggets are so unexpectedly amazing. Also the fact that they deliver relatively late and don't just close at 9 like a lot of options around here is amazing. If you like tofu or seitan, or want vegan or vegetarian options, or just want to try something new do yourself a favor and order from this place. The food is amazing, the prices are great, the portions are great, the hours are convenient, and delivery is fast.


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Finally writing a review for this place. I AM IN LOVE. Consistently great food, consistently super-quick delivery (and I don't live close at all), always always always the best! I usually stick with the pad see elw, which is phenomenal, and spring rolls. Scallion pancakes, general tso's protein, crispy protein, pad thai, and thai iced tea are all amazing - usually the only things I ever order. Haven't ventured too far into the menu because I crave the above things too much to try to switch it up. Amazing service, amazing food, I can't rave enough about it.


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Amongst other things, the General Tso's dish was very delicious, with crisp breading that held up to the sticky sauce, and the texture of the protein was perfect! I don't eat General Tso's Chicken or other meat dishes at other restaurants because it's not always clear where the animals are sourced or how they are raised. It's so nice to have a vegetarian option that's not just noodles or rice with sauted veggies! We will definitely be ordering from Ginger House more often.


1 review
First time ordering. The steamed veggie dumplings are excellent -- very flavorful eith thin wrappers, and not too dry, thick, or mushy. The moo shoo is delicious, and the pancakes are thin and not brittle. Five stars for both of those. The only thing I didn't like quite as much was the pad see ew, which wasn't as flavorful as it should have been; kind of bland overall. However, they added seitan to the dish, which was cooked well and had a nice texture.

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